About us

Rachael is an artist, a photojournalist and a storyteller. Using a variety of lenses and cameras, Rachael enjoys the challenge of telling a story with photos. Knowing when to stay behind the scenes and when to give gentle direction, she and her staff will draw upon the energy and excitement of the day to create photos that capture those moments that make your special events unique and unforgettable!

After studying photojournalism at UNC-Chapel Hill, Rachael returned to her hometown of Manteo, NC on the Outer Banks of NC in 2005. She has spent the past several years building her photography business, working with well-known local photographers, and traveling. She is based on the Outer Banks, but is always ready to pack her bags and explore another locale. In fact, she and her husband recently returned from an amazing 6 1/2 month tour around the globe!

In her free time, Rachael enjoys spending time with family and friends, swimming at the beach, dancing and making future plans to wander the world.